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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Fin Aid
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Having a financial plan for college is essential.  Completing the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will help.  For FAFSA, create your FSA ID first, then apply for Financial Aid.

  1. Creating your FSA ID
  2. Applying for FAFSA
Preparing for FAFSA: Documents Needed
FAFSA Docs Needed
College Board Financial Profile - CSS

In addition to the FAFSA form, many private colleges and universities require students to complete the College Board's Financial Profile in order to determine how much financial aid and scholarship assistance the student will need.

Create a CSS Profile

FAFSA - Special Circumstances

For students who are homeless, you will need to contact the APS Title 1 Homeless Project(505-256-8239 ext. 66913)

For students who are undocumented, you will need to contact Armando Bustamante who works with El Centro de la Raza at the University of New Mexico. (505-277-5020)

Financial Resources for Students with Disabilities

Scholarship List

Please carefully check the scholarship eligibility requirements and deadlines! It is up to you to ensure that deadlines/requirements are understood. Remember, it takes time to find and complete scholarship applications. Plan ahead, get organized, and be a go-getter!